Welcome to the Seven Rapids Route in Konnevesi, Central Finland. We now rent out the four upper rapids on our Seven Rapids Route, known as the Seitsemän kosken koskireitti in Finnish. These four rapids are called Siikakoski, Karinkoski, Taikinainen, and Kellankoski. There are three other rapids called Yläinen, Keskisenkoski, and Hannulankoski, which have been leased to local fishing associations. If you are interested in angling at the Yläinen, Keskisenkoski, or Hannulankoski rapids, please contact Ari Korhonen for single angling permits, tel. +358 40 5489 371 or +358 40 5489 372.

The Siikakoski, Karinkoski, Taikinainen, and Kellankoski rapids are rented out to anglers by Kellankosken Voima Oy, which is a limited company mainly owned by the municipality of Konnevesi since the 22nd of February, 2012.

Kellankosken Voima Oy started out as an electric power company, but since then our focus has shifted to the leisure business. Nowadays our goal is to create memorable fishing experiences for anglers.

Our rapids are popular among anglers because they are perfect for fly fishing. You can rent one of the four rapids for your group for a minimum of one fishing day.

Our aim is to restore and preserve the fish population in the river. That's why we have set some restrictions on angling. You should use a fly and a barbless hook. If you catch a rainbow trout, you are welcome to keep it and eat it. However, you must release any other fish from the salmon family back into the water. In addition, the number of rods your group is allowed to use for angling is limited.

We started the Konnevesi rapids fishing project in December 2012. During the project we will build lean-to shelters, service buildings, and other structures that will make your stay at the rapids even more enjoyable. We have already built lean-to shelters and service buildings at Siikakoski and Taikinainen rapids. We are currently constructing shelters and service buildings at Karinkoski and Kellankoski. At Kellankoski, you will also find a barbecue hut near the canal.